In my adult life, after I moved out of my parents home, I have never owned a washer and dryer other than for a very short time period before my husband and I moved to California. I have always taken my laundry somewhere to wash it. I have never really enjoyed laundry because I don’t have a lot of time. It seems that to do it right, you need to have a lot of that.
To make laundry work for my lifestyle, I go to to that dreaded place called the “Laundromat”. I feel as though I have visited hundreds of these small businesses, but the truth is, it’s probably more like 30 different ones. Funny enough, I’ve must have tried out every single one in the tri-cities area of Sonoma County. Recently, I’ve been frequenting a new place at the opposite side of the town where I currently live. This new laundromat opened up earlier this year and is still clean with working washers and dryers.
There is one thing about laundromats though that really annoys me. Laundry days are the only time that I really get to myself. I don’t want to talk with anyone, much less run into people I know. However, laundromats are magnets for what I like to call “Holy Rollers” who insist on stopping by to try and convert us “heathens” who visit places such as these. (For the record, I am a Christian!) It’s not that I mind when they come in to talk with us, but I actually do mind. You see, most of the other people that go to the laundromat when I am there (usually at the the crack of absurdity, but that is another story) don’t speak English as their first language. They are all very nice and I see them every two weeks without fail, but we don’t say much to each other except to say “Hello” or “Good Morning”. We are simply there to do our chore and get on with our day. And, I must say, since I see the same people every trip, it’s nice to know that they like to have clean clothes and bed linens like I do.
However, when these zealous people stop by the laundromat they interrupt the rhythm of the space and get on my nerves. It wouldn’t be so bad if the visits were just once in a while, but it’s not. Rather, it’s every single time I’m there…no matter the day or time. Thankfully, since I have found this new facility, I have not had to deal with them. Truth be told, I actually left the last place I frequently visit (located conveniently next door to a donut shop that my husband like) just so I wouldn’t have to talk with them. 
As an introvert, I need to have my alone time. While a laundromat doesn’t necessarily leave me “alone” per se, it really does because no one talks with me and I can be “alone” with my thoughts, talk to God and ask Him for some help to get through the next week, or do a little reading. Best of all, I get some of my greatest writing inspirations during these moments. So for all of the hassle it is to go to the laundromat, I have found some divine purpose in going, even though on most days I would rather just buy some more clothes to put it off for another week!

Wishing you moments to enjoy laundry time.

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