Waking Up From the Winter Hibernation

Time…the clock just keeps ticking away. It’s already May and I feel like I have missed out on so much. Since last fall, I haven’t had a moments rest to call my own. I have not had the chance to regain any footing on the ground I gained…until now. Time is so precious and I wished I had more of it. Wasn’t it just Christmas?
We can’t get back the time we had yesterday, last week, last month or last year. The clock just keeps moving round and round, we must keep moving forward. I can’t get back the last seven months of my life, nor the last several decades. I am approaching another milestone birthday and I’ll be damned if I am not going to let another moment go by without taking time for myself and my needs. I have put everyone and everything first and frankly, I am just tired of it. So with this being a new month, I am embarking on a renewed journey towards what I want.
Today, I am sitting outside on a lovely Sunday. It’s noon here and I am finally enjoying my backyard oasis that my husband has so tirelessly worked on for several months. While it still has some areas that need to be cleaned up, the water feature is running, the grape are in bloom and the palm trees have finally healed from the winter frost and look more beautiful than ever.
Last year’s grapevines have been turned into wreaths and are hanging from the back wall to finish drying. We have a few more things to plant but I am not in a hurry. I put the tomatoes in their new planter and cleaned up the front garden a bit. Unfortunately my natural earth tendencies are still somewhat dormant from this frustrating winter hibernation I have been in. I am still trying to wake up, but being outside will help. I am not expecting an overnight miracle. 
Baby steps…I just keep saying that over and over to myself; along with the phrase, “When things settle down at work…”. Unfortunately, things haven’t settled down and I have some pretty major decisions to make on that front, but all in good time. Right now though, I am just going to enjoy my relaxing space and hope that the fresh air will wake me up and get my creative energy flowing again.
Wishing you moments to enjoy your own private oasis.


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