Liberation Sought With A Front End Loader

Seeking liberation...will this help?
Seeking liberation…will this help?

There comes a point in your life when enough is enough. These last several weeks I have reached that pinnacle, and have finally decided to seek liberation with a Front End Loader. Starting with my personal space and working outward, the time has finally come to divest myself from everything that is holding me back. It has to go and it has to go now!

Accumulation and Liberation

There is never a real reason why we let go and accumulate stuff. I suspect that over the years it just happens and we keep piling one thing on top of another. For me, I have kept various things because I thought I would use them for projects. Unfortunately, I have never gotten around to them. While I had great aspirations, time has slipped away and the stacks are getting higher and higher.

Month after month, I look at everything and think, “I’ll work on that project tomorrow.” Then, I find something new to do and the old projects just sit and languish. Once again, I need to #embracethechanges, and realized that it’s time to take a serious look at the “projects” and widdle them down to the ones I really want to do. Time to seek liberation! Truthfully, I am not sad about it because if I haven’t looked at it in over a year, then I really won’t miss it. It has been quite freeing recognizing that I don’t need this clutter!

Buy It Now and Set It Aside for Later

Purging and cleaning
                          Purging and cleaning

While the process is slow I continue on with the purging, and am finding things I have set aside for giving. I love getting reading for the holidays, so I often buy ahead and set things aside for later. I notice I might go overboard a time or two, but my thought is that if I don’t get it now and perhaps in multiples, then I won’t find it again. What seems to be more accurate is that I set it aside for later and then I forget about it and buy more!

As I come to grips with the enforced casual-style Christmas this year, I find myself looking forward to the feeling of relief once I have moved the accumulated “stuff” out of my life, and let the joy of the holidays bring me the peace and comfort I so crave.

I hope you find time to remove some of the clutter from your lives. It definitely has been a liberating experience! 

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