2016 – A Year in Review for Me

Well, it is that time again; my 2016 Year in Review. While I hoped this past year would have been spectacular (it wasn’t), and least I can say it was interesting. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights shall we?

Year In Review

Last year at this time, I made the monumental  decision of turning my blog into a full blown website. It took about four months to pull it together and then I had a soft launch in April. My web designer put in a lot of work to build out the shell of what I really wanted. My logo designer worked tirelessly to give me a new logo to help me brand myself.  Thank you Brandon McCloskey and Ryan Hunt for all the amazing work you did for me!

February brought a whole new set of trials. My husband lost his job and we were faced with the very real possibility of moving. It was a very scary time for us. With only one income to support us, I had no idea what we would do or where we would go. Secretly it was kind of thrilling to think we would be moving on to another adventure. Realistically, it was going to be a huge pain in the you know what if we had to pack everything up and start over somewhere else.

Thankfully, after several months of praying (on my part) and tirelessly looking (on his part), my guy found another job in the very same town we live in. It was a miracle! We are hoping to make this his last move for awhile. Now we both work close to home, and are saving money while we make plans for our future.

My Writing

I wrote some this year, but not as much as I wanted. I continued to contribute to my other projects, Proverbs & Wisdom and In The Light Magazine. In 2017, I’ll be working closely with the founder, Ashley Ormon, and together we hope to bring you new, uplifting and enlightening content. I’ll also be concentrating on more writing for my website.

Social Media – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

Social Media brought me some new found confidence and also some new friends. Friends who have been with me since my dad got sick and stuck by me through that horrible ordeal. It also brought me an opportunity to meet some great people in the writing community from authors to publishers to you name it. I am grateful for what Social Media did for me in this arena. I dropped the ball somewhat on continuing those contacts, but 2017 will be a new year to renew them.

The Bad

2016 also brought me some not so good moments in Social Media. Posting on Facebook has continued to be my nemesis. This past year I commented and/or posted some very personal thoughts on a variety of subjects, and as a consequence I became the bearer of negative, often hateful, rude and completely inappropriate follow-up comments. Even my husband was at a loss for words after he read the most recent one. He tried to comfort me, but I was heartbroken…again.

You know, I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I have to say. But please don’t say things to embarrass me, make me feel like crap, cry my eyes out, tell me I am wrong, or demean me. When I write something, it is because at that moment, the words have had some impact on me because I am dealing with something in my personal life. I don’t go out of the way to hurt others with my writing or otherwise. Whether anyone meant to or not, their comments cut me to the core and hurt me deeply.

The Ugly

Earlier in the year, I even had to go to great lengths to remind everyone that my FB page was mine, and not a place to have a pissing match between others and myself.  I shouldn’t have to delete or block people, but I have and will continue to do so if I see any more negative, belittling or inappropriate comments. I will always welcome constructive comments, but there are appropriate ways to do so, and it’s not always necessary to say them in a public forum. You can always talk to me in person, send me a private message, email me, send snail mail, or pick up the telephone. 

Important Decisions

I have made some important decisions as life is just too short to get caught in a quagmire of negativity. 

  • Starting in 2017, I’ll be primarily using Social Media as a means for promoting my writing projects and my website.
  • If I choose to comment, like or share something on a personal level, I will do so. Otherwise, you won’t be seeing much of me on my regular FB page. 
  • We all have a right to our thoughts and opinions. Whether you think mine are correct or not, if I see any negative, hurtful or belittling comments directed towards me, I will delete said comments, and block the offenders. 

Final Thoughts

In 2017 and beyond, I want to inspire you and myself. I hope to share insights with you to help you think in a different light. Follow me as I try new things, see new places, and find some peace in this crazy world we live in. I hope this new year brings you joy, love, health and happiness. If there is one thing I’ve learned, you have to go out and make it happen. #embracethechanges this new year will have to offer.

You know…a long time ago, I started out on this adventure as Today’s Working Woman, but now I am just a woman living in today’s world and writing about my experiences. I am…Today’s Writing Woman.

Happy New Year!



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