Long Weeks and Great Husbands

After a very long week emotionally, I am extremely happy that today is Friday. My work week doesn’t end until 5pm, but at least in my mind, the week is over. 
I really didn’t accomplish anything on the personal front. Once again, I am so far behind with dishes in the sink, a house to clean, book reviews to post, articles to write and laundry to do. I have basically two days to get it all done. Not looking forward to my weekend as I won’t even get a chance to catch my breath. But I am not holding my head down because there are signs of hope.
My husband went to the grocery store yesterday, and bought groceries – very nice! Once less thing to do this weekend. My husband bought me a new cellphone last weekend – even better; and I found my power cord to charge it; I had temporarily misplaced it, had a subsequent meltdown because I lost it. However, my techie husband told me that my Kindle charger would work and I was able to charge my new phone without a problem. 
So you see…the hubs has really stepped up this week and provided some support when I needed it the most. He hasn’t even minded as I watch Christmas in July holiday movies every night for the last couple of weeks. He’s a great guy and I am so appreciative beyond words. Just love him to pieces!

Wishing you moments of reflection,

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