Saturday Observations

I had a whole other post started for today, but decided to postpone it because there are just a few other things that have been on my mind for some time. Let’s dive right in and talk about a few things:
1. When did it become acceptable to go to the store wearing your pajamas? I realize that today’s PJ pants are kind of cute and all, but back when I was younger and shopped with my mom, we got dressed and were neat and clean when we left the house. Nowadays, the younger generation looks like they just rolled out of bed, put some flip flops on and covered up with zip up sweat shirt. How about washing your face and putting a brush through your hair to look presentable? Appearance does matter!
2. When they told us to “Share the Road” with bicycles, I don’t think they meant for them to take over the entire space. I respect their right to travel down the same roads, but I wish they would respect my right to do the same. Making illegal u-turns in front of me and crossing back and forth across two lanes is not being respectful.
3. Have you noticed how when you’re walking down the aisle that some people are completely oblivious to the world around them, and will block the entire aisle so you can’t get thru? When you say, “Excuse me,” they give you a dirty look. Well I did say excuse me. I just want to get through and get my shopping done. This not only holds true for aisles but for checkout stands as well. Note: Never go to the store after work or on a busy Saturday afternoon, especially in a destination getaway for the weekend kind of town. Most people have one-track minds and being polite to the locals isn’t a part of that. Hint: Don’t block the aisles. Don’t look down upon me because I didn’t wash my hair and have it pulled up in a ponytail (you don’t look any better in your flip flops and bathing suit covered up by an unstylish t-shirt and holding a case of beer. And please, do not cut in front of me in the checkout or steal my bagger away because you just have to have something right this very second. That is completely rude!
This is just a short list for today, but I’m sure I will come up with more.
Wishing you moments to observe the world around you.


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