Love With An Imperfect Bride by Ann Major

“Love With An Imperfect Bride”, I have to admit, was a little outside of my reading comfort zone. In an email about Ann Major, she is described as a “Bestselling Author of Short, Spicy, Contemporary Romances.”  I would like to add one more word to that description – intrigue. I am not much for intrigue wrapped inside a romance.  Given the story line, however, intrigue was the perfect ingredient to keep me turning the page.

It has been quite awhile since I have written anything, and even longer since I read a book and wrote a review. If I was going to pick this up again, I knew that I would have to read something just a little different to make it worth my while. I was in luck, because reading “Love With An Imperfect Bride” by USA TODAY best selling author Ann Major was a perfect way of combining both of my loves, reading and writing, to help me get back into the swing of things. 

Believable Characters, Believable Story

“Love With An Imperfect Bride” has believable characters with an even more believable story line. I liked Ann’s ability to switch back and forth from present to past. This draws the reader in,  and allows us to root for the main character, Audrey. It did not take long before I was desperate for her to step out from the shadow of her past. I wanted her to fight for her future, and the man she loves.  I wanted to jump into the story myself and slap Audrey until she regained her senses!

As part of the Lone Star Dynasty book series, Ann Major has crafted this story of love between a long married couple who have lost their way in life. Was it just a marriage of convenience, or true love? I’ll let you, the reader, to find out.  I can, however, assure you that this is more than just a typical romance novel. Filled with secrets and lies, “Love With An Imperfect Bride” has just enough intrigue.  And yes, just enough spice (but not too much!),  to fulfill the “something different” that I was looking for in my return to reading and writing.

“Love With An Imperfect Bride” is a definitely worth picking up. I look forward to discovering the “intrigue” in the other books of this series by Ann Major. Rating:

Wishing you moments to read a good book!




P.S. I received and voluntarily read this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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