Happy Mother’s Day 2019

Happy Mother’s Day 2019

Another year has come and gone.  Where has the time gone? I feel like it was just Christmas. But alas, it is Mother’s Day again, and I  made a big decision.

I am done feeling sorry myself. What’s the point? Life is too short to feel sorry for oneself. In other words, I need to start living.


I can’t help that I was not blessed to be a mother myself. But I have many other blessings in my life that I tend to forget about, such as a loving husband, my family, great friends , my writing, my hobbies, and countless other things. 

As I reach another milestone birthday later this year, I vow to live the rest of my life being happy instead of sad. I vow to think of all the blessings in my life. I still have some challenges ahead, but will face them with determination and my head held high.

Poems and Thoughts

No I am not a mom, that is true, but I have made my mark on this world by touching the lives of the people that have come in and out of my life over the years. I am reminded of this by a few writings I have come across lately, and so I will share them with all the “Other Mothers” out there just like me (see below and the link in here.) May you always remember that you are loved, important and a blessing to all those you’ve known and are currently with.

My Other Mother

Certain people touch our lives in a special way.
You’re so much like a “Mom” to me,
that’s how I think of you.
And I am eternally grateful
for everything you do.
You take the time to listen,
you always seem to care.
You’ll never know how much
it means to have you there.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing you moments to let all those other mothers who have come into your life just how much they mean to you!




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