TWW Book Review – Melissa Explains It All

I finished reading Melissa Explains It All by Melissa Joan Hart. I have been trying to finish this for quite some time, but much like my last autobiography, there was something that kept me from completing it. I must have instinctively known it was going to be bad, otherwise I would have had a hard time putting it down.

No Heart from Hart

I don’t want to delay the inevitable, so I will just come out and say it in one word. Disappointing. My exposure to Ms. Hart was purely through her show Sabrina. I really loved her in those episodes. Guess  I failed to realized is that I loved her character. I don’t even know the woman behind the character so how can I “love” her.

I thought the book would be entertaining, but what I found was boring stories about her partying and drinking. What I once thought as a cute and gifted actress, after reading this book, I see her as arrogant and pretentious. It’s sad really. There was no “heart” from Hart. 

There were areas where she just droned on and on, but others where she didn’t go into enough detail. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the book was when she met her husband and started on down that path of serious dating, engagement, wedding and marriage. And why not write more about her other relationships outside of the “guys” she used to date. If she was expecting her readers to feel sorry for her poor choices in men, it didn’t happen with this reader. 

Cookies Better Than Melissa Explains It All

Luckily I spent Saturday baking cookies, so I could read though the last half of this as quickly as possibly. Usually, I can find a kernel of interest that will draw me in to a book. Not with this one. I never wanted to be more “over” something than I did wanting to be over reading Melissa Explains It All. No recommendation on this one. My cookies were better than this book. Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!


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