Perfumes – To Douse or Not To Douse



Perfumes and colognes can be lovely. Whether you realize it or not, dousing yourself in them can be problematic to those around you. When the over usage of either of these products starts to affect others,  some may wonder if the wearer recognizes what they are doing to the public spaces outside of their own personal bubble.

Perfume and Cologne Usage

I know that perfume usage has gone back many, many years. Examples of these fine aromas have been found in ancient Egypt, as well as the Persian and Roman empires. Used for personal hygiene, and often times cleanliness, they were also a sign of royalty and high society.

Today, people just wear them because they love their aromas. They make you feel attractive, right? Your personal fragrance is like your calling card.  In a sense, it is the first impression of you as well as the last.

Fragrance Sensitivity

I am not knocking perfumes and colognes, and find that some fragrances are quite nice. I have a few personal favorites of my own. However, I have not worn perfume for years because I have learned that some scents can really affect other people. Being mindful of the fragrance sensitivity of others, I chose to refrain from wearing anything that has a scent.

I myself have an aversion to some aromas. Case in point, the scent of lavender, which is supposed to be so relaxing, makes me gag. I can’t have it in my house. I like fresh clean scents, but sometimes even that can be overwhelming for me. Now I use, scent free detergents, etc. when I do laundry. 

Perfumes and Colognes in the Workplace

Over the course of my career, I have worked for companies that advised against the wearing of perfumes and colognes. Since I have primarily worked in offices sharing space with others, it was just easier to not wear a fragrance so as to not bother other people. Today, many companies will provide a reasonable accommodation to those of us who have issues with certain types of aromas. 

Personal Experience with Perfumes and Colognes

I’ve recently notice how bothersome perfumes and colognes can really be. Living within a community where you share small public spaces, such as an elevator or vestibule brought it to light. If you have been wearing the same fragrance for years, you probably don’t notice it anymore. You become desensitized to the smell. Over the years you start over spraying. Then you step out of your apartment and into the elevator. Once you step out the door, that aroma lingers on forever.

Unfortunately, for the person(s) they use the elevator after you’ve been there, the aroma is trapped and can’t escape, leaving them overwhelmed and perhaps choking on the air they are breathing. The same can happen when others walk past you in the grocery store. If people are racing past you to the nearest freezer/cooler door to breathe in some fresh air.

To Douse or Not To Douse

So now we circle back to the question. To douse or not to douse?  It will always be your personal decision of how much fragrance you use. Please remember that over spraying can and will affect others around you whether it was your intention or not. 

Wishing you moments to enjoy your fragrances.


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