Picture Prompt: My Forever Love

Everyone thought it would never last. I’m sure some were actually betting on it. She’ll never stay with him. He’s not good enough for her. What is she thinking? She won’t leave. She’s too close with her family. What about her friends? She’s got a nice job.

Let’s address all these points, shall we?

Twenty-four years later…I think that answers the question about it not lasting.

The bets…well, I can’t be positive about that. But, I know people were talking. Frankly, the talk was more about me and what was going on in my head. At the time, it was all about breaking free so I could live life on my terms. If I had stayed, I would never have married. Moving away was the best decision I ever made.

I’ll never stay with him. I’m still here and very happy, thank you very much!
He’s not good enough for her…let me say this about that. Is there any man that is ever good enough for someone’s little girl. Please. If I had any inclination that my choice was not good enough, believe me, I would have shown him the door a long time ago.

What is she thinking? What am I thinking?!?!?! You’re kidding me, right? I’ll tell you what I was thinking. I was thinking that someone actually was interested in me and wanted me for his wife. I thought I would ever get married. I thought I would be a lonely old spinster with cats. I’d be the neighborhood Cat Lady. Thank goodness that didn’t happen!

She won’t leave. Sorry…I left! It was bittersweet, but I left.

She’s too close to her family. Yes, I am close with my family. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have my own life. I love my family, but I knew that I would never be happy if I had stayed. I wanted a life and I got one…on my own terms, not someone else’s.

She’s got a nice job. Yes, it was a nice job, but it wasn’t the job. In fact, I’ve had many jobs since then and none have been the job. But I have a plan and I am working the plan. I am writing and I am happy. What could be better than that?

So do I get the last laugh? Probably. But there are so many other factors that have gone into making this happen. I call them the “What If’s”, the choices that I made to get to this point. I’ve learned so much along the way and don’t have any regrets.

Going forward I know what I want to do and I am so lucky that I have the most supportive man in my life. He is truly the best thing that ever happened to me. He is my Forever Love. This month is our anniversary (together for 24 years and married for 19 of those years!) and we will be spending it and my birthday in one of my favorite places, Pismo Beach.

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