Rain Today…Here to Stay

It rained today…the first drops of water from the sky for Fall/Winter 2016. I love the rain and here in NorCal, we desperately need it. Hopefully it will extinguish the last of the fires nearby.

Rain Clouds

I am sitting here in my room, putting away the laundry and watching the rain clouds roll in.  What a sight to behold! The big puffy clouds, all varying shades of gray. The are really beautiful…and powerful.


Garden Happiness

What’s left in my garden is very happy for these droplets. I actually have one rogue tomato plant, and of course, my beautiful sunflower plant.

Rainy Sunflower
              Sunflower After Shower

While our neighbors in the Caribbean are dealing with Hurricane Matthew and the deluge it brings, we have been patiently waiting our turn here in California. These few showers were a welcome respite to the severe drought we are in.

I hear from family and friends back in Wisconsin have been dealing with it for days now. Wish we had that trouble! I remember about 8-9 years ago we had a tremendous amount of rain. In fact, it poured for days and days. That seems like a lifetime ago…

The bottom line for me is that the rain is just another one of those things that brings me comfort. Kind of strange, I know. But there is nothing like listening to a soft, steady rain on a Sunday afternoon. I find it to be very calming and am able to relax and enjoy the day. So much so, that I was able to sort through some of the deliveries this week, and start the holiday organization process. I feel so much further ahead than last year. 

Speaking of last year…it’s been 12 long months, and I think I have finally recovered from a very difficult time in my life. I learned some very hard lessons and am now making adjustments for a more quiet and calm life. Enjoying the rain today is definitely contributing to this new way of being for me.

Wishing you moments to enjoy the rain!

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