Rules of the Road – Paying Attention

Road RulesHave you noticed how many drivers don’t follow the common rules of the road anymore? On any given night driving home from work, a short 1.6 mile stretch, I witness anywhere from three to a half dozen or more violations that most drivers don’t even give a second thought. Complacency seems to be running rampant…at least from my perspective.

Rules of the Road

As a seasoned driver, I know and understand the importance of following the rules of the road. They are put in place to protect not only yourself, but other drivers and pedestrians that may cross our paths. When the rules are not followed, accidents could happen. It annoys me to know end when I see violations. 

Common rules of the road such as going over the posted speed limits in residential areas, crossing the yellow lines, not staying in your lane, failing to use a directional signal, not yielding properly at a four way stop…all these things we are taught when we are learning to drive seem to be forgotten over time. I am not sure why this is even though I have given it some thought. Maybe it is because we are in such a hurry to get from Point A to Point B that we forget about what or who else might be on part of that same path we are on to get to our final destination. 

Paying Attention

We need to pay more attention when we get behind the wheel. Cars are dangerous and they can pack a wallop, especially when on average they can weigh over 4000 pounds. Factor in speed and weather conditions….I shutter to think of what could happen. In fact, I know what can happen, because I had an accident many, many years ago. While I did not cause any injury to myself or the other driver, I did total my car and caused damage to the other vehicle that I hit.

That accident traumatized me for years. I am a much more cautious driver today because of it. Constantly reminding myself this, I have been known to say out load when I am driving, “Pay attention Susan!” I do this because I don’t want to have another accident. One is enough.

Tips for Safe Travel

Here are a few tips for safe travel:

  • Do yourself a favor, and slow down. You will get to your destination when you get there. If need be, leave early to avoid traffic.
  • Pay more attention when your get behind the wheel. Remind yourself that you are driving a vehicle that weighs a lot and can cause damage if and when it hits something or someone.
  • Pay attention to the common rules of the road that I mentioned above. If need be, I suggest taking a refresher driver’s course. Things might have changed a little since you first took one. (I found that out when I moved to California, and learned it was legal for motorcycles to split lanes! Seriously?!?! One more thing to worry about!)
  • If taking a refresher course is not for you, pick up a copy of the motor vehicle handbook for your state. You know the one that new drivers need to learn when they have to take the written exam to get their learner’s permit? You might learn a thing or two. In my book learning something new is a good thing! 

Remember, getting behind the wheel is a huge responsibility. Don’t treat it lightly. Be safe and travel with care this upcoming 4th of July holiday and every day you get into the car and drive somewhere.

Wishing you moments to think about following the rules of the road,


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