Thanks to technology, I was able to talk to my husband, who is currently in Singapore, twice today. Once this morning, early my time, right after he arrived and then for about three hours this evening. It is so amazing, except for losing the audio and having to resort to instant messaging.

It used to be that you had to have a land line phone for everything, but now we have cell phones, and computers with all sorts of capabilities. However, there are other gadgets such as Ipods, Ipads, Kindle and handheld video games which have turned this world into an instant gratification society.

Don’t get me wrong, I like having some instant gratification. However, I could easily do without some of the other gadgets available today. I personally gave up my cellphone (it cost too much for as little as I used it), and I don’t own any toys from Apple. (Although I might like that Kindle thing…just not sure if I like the idea of not holding a real book in my hands.)

I do use a computer though, and can appreciate all the wonders it has to offer.

I remember when computers first came out, I worked for Radio Shack at the time. I sold quite a few Tandy 1000’s in my day! Now, between my husband and myself, we own several computers, printers, backup hard drives, external disk drives and other various add-ons.

I am grateful for what the computer industry has done, otherwise I would not be able to talk to my husband while he is gone. Probably can live without all the other gizmos (except the DVD player!) Aaah technology…a double edge sword.

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