Thankful and Blessed

Thankful and blessed is the way I need to feel this year.  For the last year, my family has been on the rollercoaster of a lifetime. I pray daily to stop the ride and get off, but I know that there is a reason we are on it. Just wish it would really end soon. So, instead of having a lengthy pity party, I will keep it short, and then smile and think about all the reasons why I should be grateful.

Thankful and Blessed Reason #1- Turkey Dinner

thankful and blessed

While I’d liked to say that the picture represents what our Thanksgiving dinner will be this year (who knew that the staple of the islands now comes in turkey!!), I married a guy with brilliant shopping and cooking abilities. Yes, I am thankful and blessed that he managed to purchase us the following for our special dinner this week:

11-12# turkey $5.25
5# potatoes $.99
3# apples $.68
acorn squash $1.25
sweet potatoes $1.30
stuffing $1.89
cranberries $4.00
lime jello $1.00
celery (for the jello) $.99
green beans $1.25
pumpkin $2.00
pie crust $1.25
total $22.85

Feeds at least 4 adults and 4 children 

I know many across the country are talking about the rising costs of everything, but I am truly grateful that we will be able to enjoy our Thanksgiving meal without breaking the budget.

Reason #2 – Health

Getting old sucks! I can’t say it more plainly than that, and should be thankful and blessed that we are both still here. While I don’t feel “old” most days, the age number doesn’t lie. Speaking of numbers, you need to know what yours are. Get yours checked, annually if possible. Don’t let it go too long and then you’re sorry for it later. Maintaining your health is so important. 

I have spent the last couple of years figuring out all the little things that have been wrong with me. The news I received induced more than one crying session. Now I am going through it again for the most important person in my life. Let the crying commence again, but we will get through it and remember how thankful and blessed we are.

Show Your Gratitude This Holiday Season

As we enter another holiday season, remember to take the time to show gratitude to others. Remember to be thankful and blessed for all the good and not so good in your life. Take care of yourself and all those who are important to you. Life is a rollercoaster, and while we may not be able to stop the ride and get off, at least we can enjoy those moments when we are not flying upside down and want to be sick.

Wishing you moments to be thankful and blessed.


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