TWW’s Book Review: Always the Designer, Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker

“Always the Designer, Never the Bride” by
Sandra D. Bricker concentrates on Audrey Regan, up and coming wedding
dress designer who is riding into Atlanta on fumes, because she is on
the last legs of her business. Her big break is about to hit the skids
and she’s going to have to layoff her assistant Kat unless something
happens and quick.
is in Atlanta for her best friends wedding not only to be her Maid of
Honor, but as the designer of her wedding dress. Of course, there is no
one else that would make her dress. A nice twist to the story is the
bride, Carly who is marrying Devon, who is a part of the armed forces
and about to ship off again for another tour of duty. (Hmmm…I wonder
if this is the next story, although not sure how that would work for
this wedding related series.)
brother, J.R. has arrived into town on his Harley. Here for just the
wedding, but he not about to stay very long because he’s a wanderer and
loner so to speak; concentrating on growing his bike restoration
business. Similar to Audrey in the sense that she is trying to build her
business, but running out of ideas. I think that is why there is such a
connection between the two of them. I really like the fact that they
are slowly learning to trust themselves and don’t just jump into any
kind of relationship, with anybody.
the previous characters are involved in this book. In fact, they are
becoming very involved with each others lives. A few funny moments are
also included as with the first two stories. Sandra has done an
excellent job in character development. The reader really gets to
understand how important each person is to the others in all of the
stories. As such, I would be hard pressed to say that it would be okay
to read this without reading the other two books of the series first,
which I think Ms. Bricker would appreciate! While all of the main
characters in these books have a creative aspect to them, this one
speaks to me the most as I am a designer, in other genres mind you, but a
designer nonetheless. Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!

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