TWW’s Book Review: Ode to Icky by Maranda Russell

While I have been working on my book reviews as of late, I’ve decided to bring back some of my previous reviews to spotlight here on The Daily Scribe…enjoy!

Ode to Icky, by Maranda Russell is the story of Icky, the Cat and
her owner, Candy. Candy is up to another of her money-making schemes
and Icky is going to help her. The idea is courtesy of Candy’s older
sister Kayla and her brand new “Icky” smelling perfume.

has been relegated to the backyard because he refuses to bathe. So
Candy sees an opportunity and decides she can make a few extra bucks by
making her own perfume using some of Icky’s stinky fur. Mixing the fur
with water and using a few of her mom’s half empty perfume bottles,
Candy creates Ode de Icky…or rather Ode de Iche because the former name
didn’t sound fancy enough.

Candy sells the perfume the next day, makes some quick cash, but then has to live with the “stinky” consequences.

is a wonderful story that teaches children the concept “for every
action, there is a reaction or consequence.” Some good and some are not
so good. In the case of Candy, the reaction is her mother’s anger for
dumping out her expensive perfume and the confiscation of the money
Candy received from selling the homemade perfume.

illustrated, this is a great book that shows how important it is to
think things through before doing something. Not all ideas are good
ideas, and Candy had to find out the hard way just how bad an idea it
was to sell fake perfume that smells like her stinky cat, Icky. I highly
recommend adding this book to family libraries and K-4 schoolrooms.

is the second children’s book by Maranda Russell that I have had the
pleasure to review. Maranda is a highly talented children’s book author
and I highly recommend her! Rating:


Wishing you moments of great reading!

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