TWW’s Book Review: Blackberry Summer by RaeAnne Thayne

Bradford has got problems. Little does she know, they are about to get
even bigger. First, her store has been burglarized along with some other
establishments in town. Her inventory has been thrown all over the
floor, money gone, computer stolen, and a designer wedding dress slashed
and completely ruined.

to believe that Hope’s Crossing, Colorado, a town of 5,000 people, would be
hit with a crime spree. But this! This was, as author RaeAnne Thayne
wrote, “blatant vandalism.” Of course to make matters worse, the first
person she sees is her ex’s new wife. What an airhead! But frankly,
she’s the antithesis of Claire and perfect for the story!
back in town after after 15 years is Riley McKnight as the brand new
chief of police coming in to save the day and solve the crime spree in
the area. Sizzle is in the air, more trouble is on the way, and the
Angel of Hope is at it again.
With two kids and a store to run, what else can Claire endure? The
worst possible thing in the world that will shatter the town, delivers a loss to the McKnight family, and possibly crush any chance for
happiness for Claire.
is something to be said about this town with the word “Hope” in its
name. Even more, there is something about this story that shows there is
“hope” even during the darkest of times. Going through something
horrible is the worst feeling in the world, but coming out on the other
side a stronger, wiser person…well…that is the sweetest feeling in
the world.

author, RaeAnne Thayne, delivers a well-thought out and believable
story. I felt myself emotionally drawn in and a part of the plot. I
could actually picture myself sitting in Claire’s workroom sorting
beads. Blackberry Summer is the first in an entire series with
characters from Hope’s Crossing. Definitely worth reading and right up
there with other series stories from authors such as Sherryl Woods and
Debbie Macomber.Wishing you moments of

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