TWW’s Book Review: Wind Chime Point by Sherryl Woods

is always something about picking up a book by Sherryl Woods. It’s
like…coming home. There…I said it again and I truly mean it. I am a
fairly new fan of her writing. It wasn’t that long ago that I found her
novels on a bookstore shelf while on vacation. I picked up her books
purely because of the cover. I fell in love with the O’Brien characters
she created sitting next to the Rogue River in Oregon. Today, I finished
the second book in the Ocean Breeze series and am loving a new family
that Ms. Woods has created, The Castles.

Chime Point
, is sister Gabrielle’s story. And does she have a story!
While I don’t want to give away the secrets, I will say that the title
plays a major role in the storyline.
with all of Ms. Woods stories, if there is a woman lead character, then
there must be a man to play opposite of her. In this case, Wade Johnson
is the guy who looks Gabi in the eye and makes her notice him. He’s
pretty easy on the eyes, so what woman wouldn’t! Gabi, on the other
hand, spends an exorbitant amount of time trying to fight her feelings
for this guy, which clearly (at least according to her grandmother) is
perfect for her. 
always, I really love reading Sherryl Woods. This is the second book in
the Ocean Breeze Series, and as I have come to find out, sometimes one
or more books in a series aren’t always the same level of as the rest.
While I liked the story, I wouldn’t say that it was better than the
first. There is some continuation from the first book, and hints of
things to come for the next one. I would expect nothing less from Ms.
Woods. I only wished that there were some details that would have been
expanded upon. Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!

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