TWW’s Book Review: Charmed, I’m Sure (The Halloween LaVeau Series, Book 4) by Rose Pressey

It’s hard to believe that book four of The Halloween LaVeau Series picks up only a few short weeks after Hallie’s story began. She has a black cat named Pluto, an old house she inherited from her dead great-aunt, the Book of Mystics and comes from a long line of witches. She recently became the Leader of the Underworld and her magic abilities are not quite there, although she is learning quickly. Her mom owns Bewitching Baths and Potions and she can’t cook to save her life. Good thing her friend Annabelle comes to her rescue often.
In Charmed, I’m Sure, Rose Pressey introduces a couple of new characters. This chapter finds Hallie under investigation by the national witch’s board. Enter Charlie, who wants to hang around for a week or two, but doesn’t really offer a whole lot of reason why. Clearly there is something up, but Hallie can’t quite put her finger on it. To make matters more interesting and confusing, Hallie’s Uncle Fitzgerald Flannigan arrives on her doorstep. He is definitely a character, but I will let you find that out for yourself. 
Things start to get really out of control at the town festival, so it’s up to Hallie, her friends, mom and Uncle Fitz (who has a penchant for disappearing) to figure things out before the whole town is upset with her. 
I love the fact that Hallie is finally starting to get a little stronger and more confident in her abilities and in herself. She seems to really want to make things better and is developing the right instincts she needs to be a true leader. I really like strong women characters in the books I read and Hallie is shaping up to be one I’ll enjoy reading about again and again. Rating:

Wishing you moments of  great reading!

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