TWW’s Book Review: Oh, No! Santa’s Grumpy! by Margaret Farnsworth

Christmas in May, well now it’s June and I’ve prepared another review of Oh, No! Santa’s
, which I previously reviewed last year. I attempted to read this
book on my Kindle, but experienced many problems with formatting and
layout that highly distracted from the experience. This time I was given
an opportunity to enjoy a real book in my hand.

I am delighted
to see this book in paperback as I can see that it was definitely
designed for young children. The graphics and colors remind me of a box
of Crayola crayons. What child doesn’t love crayons! It brings back
memories of me as a young one drawing pictures.

The story as I
reviewed previously was charming and just long enough for any child to
enjoy. The text is easy to read for both adults and kids. I think it
would be a great book for grandparents to read with their grandchildren,
or perhaps kids reading to their parents!

would like to thank the author, Margaret Farnsworth, for providing the
review copy of this book. I definitely enjoyed this reading experience
better than the first! Rating: 

Wishing you moments of great reading!

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