TWW’s Book Review: Witches Under Way by Debora Geary

with the rest of Ms. Geary’s books, I just had to keep reading after I
finished the last one because I needed to know what was going to happen
with Lizard and Elsie.
is starting school, that’s to the help of Witch Central. She’s also
working for Lauren who has been called upon by Witchlight to aid in
Lizard’s growth and understanding. Meanwhile, Elsie, who has been
working with Nat at the yoga studio, struggles to find out who she
really is. In the meantime, she’s found another outlet in the form of
knitting and has made some new friends at Knit A Spell.
are starting to come into their own but still have a ways to go as they
struggle with their own personal demons and with living together and
within their new community. While Aunt Jennie still guides them, she has
recruited some additional help from Witch Central, Lauren and her best
friend Nat.
Character development continues in Witches Under Way
as we see more and more of who Lizard and Elsie really are and why they
came be as such. In addition, we are seeing a bit more of the leaders
of Witchlight and finding out who they are and their importance to the
development of Jennie.
reader is drawn into the story in a way that makes it almost impossible
to put the book down. I can imagine myself there right along with the
rest of the community, although not saying much, but just there
experiencing everything as if I was one of them. Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!

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