What Have We Become?

Clearly there is a problem, when the news of the day is the final 48 hour countdown to the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer. Oh boy! Just two more days until we have all the dirt! Seriously people?!?! What have we become? 
I am not one to usually comment on things of this nature, but I just cannot hold it in any longer. When I see commercials parodying a cultural phenomena such as “The Selfie”, or see harsh commentary about something a celebrity has said, I shake my head and wonder why do we care so much.  Have we become so engrossed in the life of a celebrity who is clearly dealing with a private issue, that we have to push him into going public with it? Do we really need to scrutinize every little thing that celebrities say and then bash them for saying it?
And “The Selfie”…I was just told this evening that a favorite store of mine actually sells the extension pole for the cameras to take those all important, gotta have it right now, picture of myself to post on the social media site of choice. Really?!?! I hate having my photo taken. They never turn out right so why would I post my picture? Now don’t get me wrong, I have friends who post beautiful pictures of themselves along with a story to go with it. I enjoy those because they are genuine. But there are times when those “#Selfies”, usually by a celebrity, where the intent is clearly disingenuous.   
Perhaps we could better use our time by doing other things. Instead of burying our noses in our phones, why not try picking up a book? Instead of our children sitting in front of the television or computer playing video games, why not tell them to go outside and play? Instead of texting at the dinner table, why not try having a real conversation with your family who is sitting with you at the dinner table?
What have we become? From my perspective, we are way to interested in things that really don’t have any bearing on our lives whatsoever. What purpose do they serve to better ourselves? None. While they may seem interesting at the time, a month from now, no one is going to care because we will have gone on to the next big thing. As a writer, I occasionally pick up People Magazine, but I also buy gardening, yoga, cooking/baking and home improvement magazines. All are bought because I am looking for ideas to write about pertaining to the subjects that interest me, and I
like looking at photos to help me gain perspective on my own
photography. My head is far from being wrapped around the latest thing a celebrity has said or done.

So while we enjoy our lovely Spring weather and gear up for another Summer, why not try unplugging for awhile and do something not social media related? You might find that you like reading that book, going for a walk to the park to play with your kids, and having a real “live and in-person” conversation with family and friends.

And for the record, I will not be watching the Bruce Jenner tell-all interview. I am just not interested.

Wishing you moments to just unplug.

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