Where Have I Been???

Hello everyone!

I may have been away for awhile, but I haven’t really been gone. Just doing a bit of maintenance on myself as well as a few other things. While I’ve been in the shadows, I have been thinking about lots of things and how I plan to share them with all of you. If any of you have noticed my Facebook Page, Today’s Working Woman, I have been hinting about new adventures to come for several months. I am almost ready to announce what’s going on, but not quite yet. I’m still trying to figure out how I am going to make it all happen, because I promised my husband I was going to slow down and make more time for me (and him!).

So let’s just start with the obvious, I have been convalescing all week from a bit of surgery, minor, but I still needed to be at home. I only told a few people about it, but I suppose since I am feeling better I can tell the rest of you. I had laser surgery…on my face. NO…it wasn’t a facelift, but more like a shearing of the sheep as it were. You see, I have rosacea, and left untreated it will do really nasty and irreversible things to you. To the best of my knowledge, it started way back in high school and I’ve tried everything to get rid of it. For the record, the creams, the pills and every weird thing you can think of does absolutely nothing for it…at least on me. When the lasers were invented and they figured out that they could just blast it off with that pulse of light, then I finally felt like I had a fighting chance. No more pancake makeup and no more hiding!

Unfortunately, you come out looking…well, you look awful and although the doctors claim you can go back to work right away, you really need to stay home. The last time I had this done, I did go back to work right away, but it took about a month to recover. This time, I’ve been off of work for just about 10 days and I am looking so much better than before even though it has been six years since the last time I did this. (That was a real no-no, you really need to do this every couple of years! We’ll see how everything goes, I may have to go back next year and do this again) You have to be very careful when you have this procedure done so as to minimize infection and keep the swelling down. Most of my swelling was on the right side underneath my eye affecting my vision, so I needed to be extra careful. When it finally started to go down, it actually drained out my tear duct in that eye. Yuck. (Am so glad I was home when this happened!)

I will not be posting any pictures of myself because I don’t want to inflict the horror on any of you, but I will say that the swelling is almost all gone and there are just a few areas left that are almost healed. Using the burn cream that was ordered for me has really helped to speed up the process. There’s 3 stages to this whole thing and I am in stage two. By the time I get to the third stage I’m going to look pretty darn good and will only need to wear the mineral powder foundation. WhoHoo!!!!

This past week, while I have been down, I have worked on a few projects, wrote some articles and made some more plans for my future. I didn’t get everything done that I wanted, but made a nice dent. I just need to keep up with things so they won’t get so bad that I have a meltdown.

Today, I’ve read some of your blogs and really feel like I’ve missed out on your lives. I know that I have missed some awards that were presented to me and I will go pick those up and respond appropriately. In the meantime, thanks again to everyone who have been so supportive of me, who prayed for me (I think they really helped me to heal so much faster). And although what I have just gone thru was not as serious as what some of my other friends’ recent surgeries were, I truly feel blessed to call you my friends!

Look for more announcements coming soon of the fun and exciting things I will be doing in the coming months!

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10 thoughts on “Where Have I Been???

  1. Thanks for the update, Susan! This was really nice! And I'm happy for your successful laser surgery and recovery. My nephew suffers from this and he's pretty self conscious about it.

    Best of luck on your new ventures! Looking forward to hearing about them when the time comes.

  2. My very handsome son has only recently been diagnosed with rosacea. He just had his first laser treatment a couple weeks ago and took the one day off. He was good to go the next day. He was lucky.
    I'm glad you're feeling better and looking better is a nice bonus. Who doesn't want that? LOL
    Well, gorgeous girl…it's good to have ya back. Missed u

    1. Hey Jo! Wish I could have been as lucky as your son. Wonderful that he was able to go back to work the next day. Unfortunately for me, my condition was far worse and required more extensive repair. Thus the big deal and 10 days off of work. Encourage him to keep up with his treatments more frequently and he won't have to suffer what I have just gone through.

      I on the other hand will be going back more frequently to keep this problem in check. Thanks for missing me!

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