When I was younger, I was really buff. Then after years of throwing myself into my work, failed attempts at motherhood, and various other binge eating habits, I lost it all. Now in my never ending quest to get myself back in shape, I think want to return to something I used to do a long time ago. Yoga.

Yoga really has a way of getting yourself in tune with your body. I remember doing so many things before that I can even dream about now. I was really flexible and my joings didn’t hurt one bit. Now, well, let’s not even go there.

I think with the help of a few yoga sessions a week, I will at least regain some of my flexibility and maybe even lose a few pounds along the way. So if anyone would like to join me, I have put a video below for all of us beginners who need a way to feel good about themselves and their bodies. Yoga is probably one of the least strenuous ways to tone up the areas that need toning, and regain the flexibility that you once had. It also helps to center yourself and bring calm to a pretty hectic life.

I hope you will all join me as I travel along this journey. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for a bit of calm in my life!

Wishing you moments of great yoga!

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