A Year at the Chateau by Dick and Angel Strawbridge

A Year at the Chateau, what an accompaniment to an enthralling show! Our neighbors across the pond are well acquainted with British couple Dick and Angel Strawbridge. For the rest of us, we get the opportunity to hear about their adventures in owning a 19th-century chateau in France. A year ago, I stumbled across their series on the Peacock network and found myself drawn into their lives as they embarked on an adventure of a lifetime.

First Year at the Chateau

Let’s face it, television programs can only show so much. This book provides an extended view of the first year of their life at Chateau-de-la-Motte Husson. Both Dick and Angel gave their insights throughout the book. Since I have watched the show twice now, A Year at the Chateau was a delight to read about all the things we did not see on the show.

I recognized Dick from his previous television show and I understood how his engineering expertise was suited to taking on a remodeling project the size of a small village. Angel, on the other hand, was new to me. I loved seeing her vision come to life.  Each room from a long-forgotten property completely transformed into a spectacular showcase.

Chapter by Chapter

I love the fact that each chapter depicted the month and what they did during that timeframe. It all leads up to their wedding and ending the year as a happy family living a life that many of us only dream about. The book comes complete with before and after pictures of the chateau. It also includes pictures of their wedding and so much more.

I received this as a Christmas gift in 2021; by then I had already watched the show once. The show continues to enthrall me even after watching it a second time through! I definitely need to get their second book. Maybe I’ll put it on my wish list for Christmas 2022!

Rating:5 star rating


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