Beauty and the Beast – Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast

I just got back from seeing Beauty and the Beast, the highly anticipated 2017 live action adaptation of the original Disney movie. I’ve been waiting for all these many months and was looking forward to seeing the flick in the theater rather than on DVD. There are just some movies you need to see on a really big screen first.

I had no expectations going in; I’d seen the original cartoon movie so I knew the story. It was going to be a musical so no big surprises in that department. The cinematography, costumes, set design, etc. is where my interest lied. Kind of surprising for me since I usually am quite the opposite.

2017 Beauty and the Beast Observations

I am not going to give away any story lines or such as I think most of us have seen the original cartoon version and seen enough of the previews. What I’d like to share is just a few observations:

  • While this version of Beauty and the Beast is an adaptation of a beloved movie, would I bring my four year old to see it? No! Seriously folks…Ages: Tweens and up only, please.
  • This was a musical, and it would have been great to have heard the music instead of just a lot of loud noise. Theaters need to learn to turn down the volume a bit. Disappointing that I could not hear some of the words to the songs.
  • No crowds at the theater today. On an opening weekend during the start of spring break, I thought the place would be packed. Hmmm…
  • Emma Watson, a singer…who would have thought! Nice to see her in a different role. You played Belle for the 2017 audience perfectly.
  • By the end of the movie, I was actually looking at the Beast as quite handsome. Dan Stevens, thanks for playing a manly Beast!

If You Love Something

The cinematography ranked high on the impression meter, especially given it was a “live” performance of #BeautyandtheBeast. It could have come off more cartoonish (think Wizard of Oz), instead director Bill Condon choose to film it a little on the dark side with some comedic overtones, fantastic choreography and over the top action sequences. The combination of filming techniques pulled the movie together into one big production of…

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If it does not come back, then it was never meant be.

I recommend seeing this version of Beauty and the Beast on the big screen at least once. If you have a large screen television, pick up a copy on DVD. I’m planning on it so I can at least hear the lyrics of some of the songs. Rating: 


Wishing you moments to watch great movies!


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