Vacation…A Time to Recharge

I have been on vacation since this past Thursday. It is a short one, only four days. However, it is just enough time to recharge and decompress from the pressures I have been under. Everything had seemed to be bothering me lately to the point I was ready to explode. It’s never a good thing to feel like that, so I knew it was time to step away. 

Vacation at Homevacation

Since it had been awhile since I took any time off, I tend to want to cram a lot into my days. However, this time, I didn’t. Instead, I did a few things each day, and found my vacation time at home to be much more enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with combining a trip to the recycling center with a mani/pedi! Or a trip to the beach with sorting the laundry! Staycations…not a bad idea.

I am liking the idea of combining a chore with something fun to do. For me, it helped to get the chores done a little faster so I could get to the fun stuff. And don’t feel like you have to get everything done all at once…the chores and the fun. Spread it out because I have found that it will only exhaust you.

Schedule Me Time

It’s a good idea to do something nice for yourself once in awhile. We get so caught up in the hustle and bustle that I think we forget to schedule in some “me” time. I follow Rose Hill Designs by Heather Stillufsen on Facebook. She is always offering an encouraging word and sending out a reminder to make ourselves a priority

I spend so much time doing for others that I have missed doing things for myself. It’s kind of a bummer that it has taken so long to figure this out, but that’s okay. I don’t regret anything.  I just need to make sure that I put a little more effort into putting myself first. And writing is a big part of that. So, I’ll be making sure as I move forward throughout the year that I will be writing more. I need to do this…for me.

So for the record, vacations are a good thing…schedule them as often as possible to recharge and decompress from the stresses of life. In between, don’t feel like you have to do nothing but work, reward yourself with something fun to do as well. It makes the work a little more bearable. Remember, taking time for yourself is just as important as doing for others. 




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