Creature of Habit Seeks Change

As a lifelong creature of habit, I tend to watch the same movies, eat/drink the same food/beverage, wear the same clothes. Okay you get it.  When I find something I love, I latch onto it for dear life and hope that the DVDs don’t wear out, they stop making the food, and the clothes get discontinued. I’m not much for change.

I have been often been reminded by my better half that if I try something new, I might find another movie, different food/beverage or piece of clothing that I might like even more than what I do already. Most of the time he’s right, but a couple of times, there were moments of “What was I thinking?!?!”

Letting Go of Safe to Get Rid of Stale

I don’t know when it started, but I suppose it has to do with feeling safe. The older I get, the more I want to feel comfortable in my own little world. So I surround myself with those things that bring joy, happiness and security. Life is too short. On the other hand, I feel like things are getting a little stale. I really need to seek out some change to liven things up. Perhaps it is time to let go of some of the “safe” in order to get rid of that “stale” feeling.

I know that change is not necessarily a bad thing. God knows that I have had some whopping changes in the course of the last decade or two. While crossing the threshold of each one was scary, when I got to the other side, I felt so much better.

Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. – Jim Rohn

What’s Holding Me Back?

I have been thinking about what is holding me back. My conclusion is that I get sucked into a routine and then I get comfortable. Having a routine is fine, but it gets old when it is all you do. When I finally had a chance to sit and put some real thought to it, I realized that my routine was sucking the life out of me. This creature of habit was unhappy and irritable not only with myself but with everyone around me as well. I’ve been living inside a cocoon of safety for far too long, and there is a butterfly just itching to get out and really live.

Have any of you ever read Ann Voskamp? She has an uncanny way of finding her way into my heart, when I need something. I am a little behind on my reading. So I am not surprised when I came across a blog post of hers that is so fitting for what I am feeling right now. 

Spring is almost here, so it is a good time for this creature of habit to seek change. I need these changes to have a lasting effect.  Therefore I am taking my time while I contemplate my options. I don’t want to let any more of my life pass me by without living it the way I want to live it. Even if that means making small, minor changes, I know that I will be happier for it in the end. 




P.S. Don’t forget to Spring Forward tonight!

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