Remembering A Colleague with a Prayer Request

rememberingToday I am remembering someone. I am involved with an organization in which I help manage called Proverbs & Wisdom (P&W). It has been a tough couple of days for P&W’s founder, Ashley Ormon, and myself. We are in mourning for our colleague whom we lost this past Friday. 


Jason Johnson, called home by our Lord, left behind numerous friends and family who grieve for his passing. While we may never understand the reasons why this most kind, caring and generous man was taken so early, we do know that he is at peace. I am not as acquainted with Jason as well as Ashley; we had only recently met via a conference call. However, he touched the lives of many, especially at his church, Word of Life Ministries in Freeport, NY. Jason was a youth leader for young adults, teens, and the children’s ministry. Some of them have already reached out to Ashley, and she is deeply moved by their thoughtfulness.

It is very difficult for me to write this because I am on the West Coast, and Ashley is on the East Coast. I can’t be there to offer the physical support she needs, and it hurts to see her in pain. Ashley is currently spending time with Jason’s family, and will represent P&W during the memorial service. Right now, I can only offer her my support via phone, email, text, through the written word and most importantly, prayer.

Prayer Request

I rarely ask for anything, but I am reaching out to all of you now. Please pray for Jason’s family, friends, Ashley and all of us at Proverbs & Wisdom. We lost a son, friend, youth leader and colleague. The entire P&W team mourns his passing; however, we will hold his spirit for the mission of P&W in our hearts, and forge on with our vision for the future as he would have wanted. We dedicate the remainder of 2017 to him.

With a grateful heart,


2 thoughts on “Remembering A Colleague with a Prayer Request

  1. Susan,

    This was so sweet of you. It seems crazy not to be able to express my gratitude for this, because I do so well through words normally, but I thank you for your love and your friendship. To say Jason was wonderful does not do him justice. He will forever be missed, and we will surely aim to continue on his living legacy.

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