After my previous post for the A-Z Challenge, I though I would write about something that actually gives me a little joy in life – my garden.

When it comes to my garden, I don’t green thumb. In fact, I have been known to kill a plant or two due to either over or under watering. However, it just gives me the opportunity to plant something else and try to make it grow. From flowers to plants to vegetables, every time I went to the nursery I marveled at the vast selections and the endless possibilities.

Living in northern California, I have an opportunity for a longer growing season. Last year, I had tomatoes all the way until December! This was highly unusual because the weather patterns changed and allowed for a warmer than normal fall and early part of winter. My tomatoes were little troupers…they grew to over 14 feet tall and I helped make that happen! I did it…I helped make those plants grow and produce that delicious fruit.

So what have I learned…well…I think the biggest thing I have learned that while gardening can be dirty, messy, and backbreaking, its also relaxing, rewarding and cathartic for this “lonely” soul. So the next time you’re a little sad, go outside and plant a garden.   

Wishing you moments of quiet gardening,

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