I’ve Got You Under My Skin…

…then, it was Frank Sinatra. Can’t say enough good things about a good ol’ Frank Sinatra song. I’m too much of a music connoisseur to not love these great songs of yesteryear. Let’s take a look the original (note: this is just the song only, not the video of him singing on tv, as this was a better version of the song):

…today, newer versions of this song have cropped up; Diana Krall, Bono, Michael Buble, and even the hardcore band Seether has a rendition. But, I think my favorite remake is this one by Katharine McPhee (featuring my favorite trumpet player, Chris Botti!!). Let’s take a listen:

Now I’ve really got this song under my skin…aaahhhhh…

Wishing you moments of great music!

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