Book Review: This Time Together – Laughter and Reflection

I just finished reading This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection by Carol Burnett.  There is just something about hearing her name that automatically puts a smile on your face. Could it be her infectious smile? Perhaps it is the familiar warmth she exudes when we see on onscreen or onstage. Still, it could be just bringing laughter into our lives. Whatever it is, I know that for me, Carol Burnett has brought great joy to my life over the years.

Reflection of Fond Memories

I have such fond memories of Carol growing up. My family and I would watch her weekly variety show…it was almost like a tradition! The cast, guest stars, fabulous costumes and great skits were so worth the wait. It’s a shame that variety shows are no longer a part of today’s television viewing options. 

Reading This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection, allowed me a chance to reminisce about my childhood and the reasons why I love Ms. Burnett so much. With every word, I could hear her voice and found myself smiling as she told her stories of her humble beginnings, and ultimately how she made it to television. 

Class Act

The behind the scenes look into her career and family life were inspiring. Carol Burnett is the epitome of class. I don’t think there is anything that could tarnish her image. She represents what we should all aspire to be, whether celebrity or not.

This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection by Carol Burnett is a heartwarming collection of stories  from one of the most beloved actresses of our time. It is also a reminder of when life was much simpler, and all we had to worry about was where we were going to sit when we turned on her show. In my house, there were no bad seats!

I loved reading this book and now hope to read the others she has written. If you’re looking for some lighthearted reading, and want to put a smile on your face, then pick up a copy of This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection!  Rating: 

5 star rating

Wishing you moments of great reading!


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