TWW’s Book Review: Lucy Wagner Gets In Shape by Claire Matthews

This book was read for the August, 2012 Reading Romances Challenge.

If you’re going to get in shape, might as well have a good reason to do it and Lucy Wagner sure found a way. Of course she didn’t expect her lying, cheating, scoundrel of a boyfriend to be the reason (does any woman ever expect this?). She should have known though…all the signs were there, but in my opinion, good riddance now that she found out!

I can’t tell you how happy I was when she kicked the jerk to the curb. Not only did she not stand for it, she stood up for herself and didn’t let him railroad her into anything. Thank goodness she has two really good friends to help her through it. Both Jen and Will stood by her through this time and Jen showed Lucy that there was so much more to Will than she realizes.

Lucy has so much going on…she had to defend her paper, find a job, dissolve her life from the ex-boyfriend and then show him that she can do something he thought she would never do…participate in an athletic event and finish! She drafts both Jen and Will to do it with her and along the way, not only does she get in shape physically, but emotionally as well. Her whole life is in need of a makeover and it’s about time she realizes that she is this confident, bright and intelligent woman who can do anything.

I thought the book was not overly dramatic, but rather, matter of fact. I saw a woman, who didn’t wallow in self pity and let her life go. Although I don’t think her friends would have allowed that to happen. It was really nice to see Lucy gain control of her life and go after things that she wanted, even though she thought she probably would never get them. She even reconnects with her father, finds a love that she didn’t know she could have and jets that job.

Oh and let’s not forget that she shows the “ex” a thing or two about determination, and finishing something she started. Rating:

Wishing you moments of great reading!

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