It’s Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve,
a time to believe,
but when all is uncertain
close the curtain,
and quietly reflect
on the season’s effect.

Some things are out of control,
we can’t help feeling a little less whole.
Being told this and that
the answers are not just pat.
I don’t know about you,
but I need a grander view.

It’s Christmas Eve,
open your hearts and receive
all that is good 
and everything that we should,
but remember that it’s okay
if a little sadness makes way.

2020 and 2021
two more years around the sun.
A new year is pending,
it’s time to be sending
a little love and kindness
to rid the world of blindness.

It’s Christmas Eve
a rough two years indeed.
Two years of separation
missing our friends and relations.
We can’t wait to resume
as some of us still need to use Zoom.

We are all different but still the same,
let’s not place any blame;
put our differences aside
and say that we tried
to be friendly and neighborly
and let all our thoughts and words be praiseworthy.

A little more kindness, a little more love
because that is what He has asked from above.
The reason for the season is not gifts, packages and bows
it’s from whom all good things flow.
Time to forget all that we perceive
and remember it’s Christmas Eve.

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